Transformative Learning at Rosedale

We are a leading practitioner and solution provider in scaling the delivery of global K-12 differentiated education. Our educators advocate for, and implement,our Transformative Approach to Learning, including transformative competency development and differentiated international programs on a global scale. Advanced by disruptive innovation in education technology, we create superior learning experiences.

Reshape the Future of Global Education, Together

With a scalable, academic empowerment model, Rosedale drives partner school success, teacher success and student success, increasing accessibility of modern global education to more students around the world.

Rosedale Solutions

for International Schools

Academic innovation, disruptive technology and passionate educators are the heart of Rosedale. From transformative competency development to our digital learning platform, and our suite of customized teacher-and-student-focused programs and services, our international partner schools are empowered to deliver forward-thinking programs that allow diverse student groups to learn, grow and succeed. 

Differentiated Curriculum

Digital Learning Platform

Rosedale Global High School

Our Partner School Network

We work with our partner schools around a central goal—to create life-changing learning outcomes through a transformative learning approach. When students succeed, our partner schools succeed—and together, we reshape the future of global education.


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