Teacher Success 

Rosedale has a deep appreciation for what makes an education program successful—strong teaching staff, rigorous academics and dedicated student support. Here’s a look at how we support teacher success and create life-changing learning outcomes to students in the process.

Achieving Success

Empowering teachers is central to our work. We invest in the professional growth of each teacher at Rosedale Global High School, and equip them with strategies, skills and tools necessary to create classrooms dedicated to differentiated education and transformative competency development.

Empower Teachers

  • Enhance professional growth
  • Acquire advanced, transferable teaching skills
  • Reduce workload in teaching preparation, with more focus on student differentiated learning and student supports


Classroom Teachers in Global High School Community

Teaching Resources


University-bound Courses


Lesson Plans


Supplemental teaching resources


Collaborative Activities


Check for Understanding


Formative Assessments

Training Per Classroom Teacher



Rosedale Continuously Invests In Teacher Professional Development

Teacher Training Hours per School Year

Yearly Growth


I'm truly re-evaluating and approaching my job from a different perspective with each new strategy I’m learning in this course. I’m even feeling my original passion for teaching refreshed by learning differentiated strategies and successfully engaging and assisting my students in their educational experience.

Hanna Louise MantleESL/English Teacher, China

Partner with Rosedale

At Rosedale, we are committed to reshaping the future of global education and working alongside our international partner schools to co-create life-changing learning outcomes for students around the world. To learn more about our delivery of global K-12 differentiated education, or to speak with us about a potential partnership, follow the link below.

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