Supporting Your Global Education Vision

Rosedale partners with schools and school groups around the world to deliver instructional excellence and operational efficiency at scale, empowering students and teachers in a structured, effective and personalized format.

As a Rosedale International School Partner,

You Will Benefit From

Amplified International Education Profile 

Improved Learning Outcomes

Growth-Focused Student Enrollment

Effective School Instructional Leadership

Increased Acceptances From Global Top Universities

Increased Operational Efficiency







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Growth Year Over Year

Growth Year Over Year

Education Technology Is Critical To Modern K-12 Schools; We Support Our Partners By:

  • Building digitally intelligent schools   
  • Developing student digital literacy   
  • Enabling data-driven learning analytics   
  • Improving program management   
  • Gaining operation flexibility   

The Partner You Can Trust To Support You Through Future Challenges

The global pandemic drastically shifted the demand for schools and education systems to acquire digital technology to support teachers and students through unprecedented times. To ensure your school, teachers and students are well-positioned to face future challenges, you need an experienced partner like Rosedale who can bring technology, academics and services as an integrated solution ready to use.  

We offer specialized solutions to various types of international school partners to support your school’s unique development mandate.

School Groups

Rosedale is a leading practitioner and solution provider in scaling the delivery of global K-12 differentiated education. With the unique academic empowerment model and comprehensive quality assurance services, Rosedale is committed to support our school group partners to build the consistency in instructional excellence and operational efficiency across all schools.

International Schools

We collaborate with many schools offering Advanced Placement, A-Level, IB or other international curriculum. Rosedale Global High School provides unique valueallowing students to fully align their learning with their strengths, as well as their future university and career ambitions. The differentiated program provides alternative choices to existing students and attracts new stream of student enrollment. 

Public Schools

If your school is in the process of planning an international program unit, considering an English language enhancement program to enrich student learning, or would like to adopt a Dual Diploma Program, Rosedale offers the products, resources, capabilities and experiences to support you in your goals. 

New Schools

Rosedale provides full solutions to assist new schools in launching a high quality international high school program in as little as four-to-six weeks. Our superior curriculum, coupled with detailed teaching resources and comprehensive teacher training programs, supports newly hired teaching staff to reach instructional excellence and thrive in your school environment.

Imagine What Our Partnership Could Look Like…

Whether you are successfully managing school programs and considering a new partnership or seeking solutions for a new school model, Rosedale is dedicated to building strong partnerships with schools around the world to provide access to differentiated education. With a vision to create life-changing learning outcomes through a transformative learning approach, we empower our international partner schools and find strength in collaboration. 

Our programming creates superior learner experiences and delivers life-changing learning outcomes to students and we’re ready to support your school’s growth and vision for education.

Together, we can reshape the future of global education. 

Ralon Nazareth

Director, Global Education Partnerships
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Jiayuan Tian

Director of Business Development, China 
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