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Rosedale Global High School was developed with an innovative collaboration model between Rosedale Global High School and our international partner schools to deliver differentiated education with an emphasis on transformative competency development.

Rosedale Global High School utilizes our Transformative Approach to Learning, with five defined pillars focused on: Transformative competency development; realworld application and innovation; global citizenship education; differentiated instruction and diverse evaluation; and the creation of a personalized learning path. Grounded in the curriculum expectations of the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), the curriculum is globally recognized as a leader in differentiated learning, and advanced by disruptive innovation in education technology, creating superior learner experiences and delivering life-changing learning outcomes to students around the world.

Innovative Collaboration Model

We empower our international partner schools to embrace their local expertise in teaching and learning. Rosedale Global High School delivers a range of robust curriculum, coupled with education technology, data-driven learning management, and comprehensive quality assurance services to ensure students reach their full potential and open new doors to their future. Rosedale Global High School centrally manages the academic administration of the OSSD to ensure consistency in academic excellence.


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Together, We Co-Create Superior Learning  Experiences and Life-Changing Learning Outcomes for Students.

Explore the collaborative Rosedale Global High School Program and prepare your students for educational opportunities, and skills, for a lifetime.  

Supported by Digital Learning Technology  

Rosedale’s innovative Learning Management Platform seamlessly integrates modern digital learning environment into traditional classrooms with innovative education technology. By utilizing both effective multimedia resources with in-class instruction, students are more engaged and able to choose how to learn. Our data-driven learning analytics and learning management support student effectiveness, ultimately enhancing academic performance. 

Experience Global Learning Opportunities 

To help guide the next generation of global leaders, every course in our program is designed to expand global perspectives. We value the impact of immersive global learning experiences, and Rosedale provides exciting enrichment programs such as Project Based Learning and cocurricular activities within the Rosedale Global High School Program’s network that supports collaboration between students from different countries and backgrounds.

Attend Canadian High School, Locally

Through an innovative collaboration model, students that study locally at a Rosedale Global High School international partner school are afforded the same benefits of a student attending school in Ontario, Canada. Upon graduation, students earn the world-renowned and globally recognized Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) and apply to global universities as a student attending an Ontario high school.  

Grow through Differentiated Education   

Through our model, students do much more than earn credits for the OSSD at their local school; they are actively utilizing higher order thinking skills across all disciplines, engaging in real world problem solving, learning by differentiated education and instruction, gaining confidence and clarity through a personalized learning path, and becoming versatile global citizens. Students are fully equipped with critical transferrable skills essential for success in our ever-changing world.

Strength-Based Learning and Student Ownership

Rosedale Global High School encourages strength-based learning, student choice, and ownership. Through the development of an Individual Growth Plan, students are empowered to develop their knowledge and skills to make informed decisions and take ownership of their future. Using our course portfolio of more than 50 courses, students and counsellors co-design a learning path that is fully customized for student’s individual learning needs, and also aligned with their choice of post-secondary institutions and career ambitions. 


Rosedale Global High School works closely with each of our international partner schools to develop and customize distinct programming to fit specific educational requirements.

Full OSSD High School Program   
Offering an extensive three-year or four-year OSSD Global High School Program exemplifies Rosedale’s commitment to the best practices in a Transformative Approach to Learning. With a full range of choices in course selection, the school has more flexibility to create a Personalized Learning Path aligned with each individual student’s strengths and goals.  
Dual Diploma Program 
A three-year or four-year high school program combining national curriculum from the local international school with Higher Order Thinking Skills focused, differentiated OSSD curriculum from Rosedale Global High School. Upon completion of the Program, students are awarded two diplomas: national diploma and Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). 
Creative Industry Specialty OSSD Program   
This three-year or four-year OSSD program provides a rich portfolio of fundamental and professional creative media arts specialty courses, such as: animation, game design, and more, all co-developed with industry leading arts colleges. The program specializes in developing student creativity through the arts and preparing students for successful futures in high-growth creative fields.  
University Pathway Program  
A one-year OSSD program focusing on Grade 12 courses required for students to apply to global universities around the world.   
English Language Learning Enhancement Program  
This program integrates Rosedale’s ESL courses and selective discipline courses into school curriculum, providing students content-based English learning opportunities and improving their academic and skill development.

Centralized OSSD Academic Administration

Rosedale centrally manages the academic administration of the OSSD for Rosedale Global High School to ensure a consistency in academic excellence, while students attend their OSSD Program from their local, international partner school.

Greater Admission Success to Top Universities Around the World

Graduates of Rosedale Global High School are in a position of power to meet academic criteria in competitive university programs around the world and encounter fewer barriers of access during the application process. 

Here’s why:

Students are motivated when they take ownership of their learning 
Transformative competency development and differentiated education enhance fundamental capabilitiesfor higher academic achievements
Differentiated education allows students to reach the highest of their potential
Alignment between strength-based Personalized Learning Path and university admission criteria
Rosedale Global High School Program

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Hear From Our Students: 2023 Graduate Survey

I had a rich learning experience which differs greatly from my prior high school. Thanks to the change of learning and thinking method, I could adapt to international education and college life more easily.

Rosedale Global High SchoolGraduate, Class of 2023

The program is very effective. The various activities such as lab stimulations, quizzes, and other learning activities are very helpful to my academic development. I am now better at communication skills when it comes to making lab reports. Rosedale has really been a great support system for my academic life. I am proud to be a Rosedale graduate.

Rosedale Global High SchoolGraduate, Class of 2023

All the teachers were kind and supportive; both classroom teachers and grading teachers. OSSD programs help me get ready for my university pathway waiting ahead for me and thank you very much for all the experiences.

Rosedale Global High SchoolGraduate, Class of 2023

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At Rosedale, we are committed to reshaping the future of global education and working alongside our international partner schools to co-create life-changing learning outcomes for students around the world. To learn more about our delivery of global K-12 differentiated education, or to speak with us about a potential partnership, follow the link below.

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