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When students succeed, our partner schools succeed—and together, we reshape the future of global education. By working collaboratively around a central goal—to create life-changing learning outcomes through a transformative approach to learning—we align our purposes and provide solutions to scale the delivery of global, differentiated education.

Our Impact

Everything we do at Rosedale supports the growth trajectory of students around the world. With a goal of reshaping the future of global education, we measure our success by the strength of our partnerships with international partner schools, and the impact these schools make on delivering life-changing learning outcomes for students. We work tirelessly to ensure students study in a program that fully recognizes their uniqueness, align learning with their strengths, develop skills that equip them for long-term success.


We cohesively integrate technology, content, data and people to support international partner schools in collaboratively delivering the Rosedale Global High School Program to meet the needs of the next generation of learners.


High quality curriculum, comprehensive lesson plans, rich instructional resources, teacher productivity tools, and structured teacher training programs are only a few of our many resources. We empower teachers to adopt our Transformative Approach to Learning to successfully implement differentiated curriculum.


We value strength-focused learning and holistic student success. Our program trajectory supports students to acquire the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to take ownership of their own learning, leading to life-changing learning outcomes and lifelong success.

Our First Year Of Rosedale Global High School’s Canadian OSSD Program At The Regent College

Provided by Christiana Ebiai 
Principal, The Regent College, Nigeria 

School Background  

The Regent College is located in Abuja, Nigeria and founded on a tradition of excellence, with a focus on unity, respect, resilience and responsibility. The Regent College has an emphasis on the University Pathway Program, as well as specialized leadership and critical thinking. In its academically rigorous tradition, the College offers a superior educational experience, deploying a problem-solving teaching method that is creative, practical and intentionally designed to support students to evolve and develop self-sufficient skills and career success.

Program Quality  

“At the end of the first year of implementing Rosedale Global High School’s Canadian OSSD program, I can attest that few programs share the same level of quality as Rosedale’s OSSD program. Rosedale Global High School’s program sets students on the path of independent, conscious and continuous learning. In this way, learning is enshrined as a cultural practice rather than a mere educational obligation. In every subject area, learners are challenged to ask fundamental questions about concepts and issues in relation to the world around them, which facilitates exciting and meaningful learning and knowledge recall, and students are also challenged to share their unique voices on issues. Through this type of student development, learning and knowledge acquisition attain an uncommon level of originality, and afford students an effective and solid foundation for university education. This, along with other factors, imbues the program with exceptional quality, putting it in a class of its own and making it widely popular across Europe and the America.”

Christiana Ebiai
Christiana Ebiai is a skilled international educator with depth of experiences in curriculum design, teacher training and school administration. As a principal for 21 years, she has been privileged to be the founding head of one primary school, two secondary schools and two Sixth Form Schools . She is particularly experienced in development of academic partnerships.
Christiana holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Language from the University of Ife, a Post-graduate Diploma in Education and a Master of Education from the University of Lagos.

Delivery Model  

“The delivery model of Rosedale Global High School’s OSSD program is truly flexible and highly reliable, combining a number of approaches. By providing students an off-campus opportunity to study for an Ontario Secondary School Diploma in their resident country while retaining the status of students in Canada and being assessed in Ontario, the program helps parents save money on high fees abroad. The program has proved to be much more cost effective and, arguably, environmentally friendly by placing all learning materials on the digital learning platform and doing away with print materials, including textbooks. In this sense, it helps students master 21st Century digital skills and the discovery and sharing of knowledge and skills in a digitally driven world. Additionally, by stimulating strong collaboration between local teachers (Classroom Teachers) and their Ontario counterparts (Rosedale Grading Teachers), it helps ensure continuous evaluation of teaching and learning processes and sharing of knowledge and skills, with an outcome of helping build the professional growth and development of teachers.”

Education Technology  

“Rosedale Global High School’s OSSD program puts students at the forefront of modern technology by prioritizing and basing teaching and learning in a 21st Century context. I believe it is beneficial in a variety of ways that all teaching and learning require the use of computers with internet connectivity. By adopting Rosedale’s Digital Learning Platform, all learning resources are concentrated in a single place for easy access, even on the go. Apart from enhancing flexibility in a digitally driven world, such utilization of modern technology provides numerous opportunities for teacher-to-teacher and teacher-to-student collaboration for support best outcomes.”

Teaching Training and Support  

“Rosedale Global High School’s OSSD program thrives so much on teaching support, which, in our first year, came in the form of continuous professional development and layers of teacher supports. For us at The Regent College, every teacher who eventually taught an OSSD course underwent a rigorous and thorough teacher training program-the Global High School Teacher Training Program. The comprehensive program lasted more than a month and did not just instill in teachers necessary professional skills for excellent delivery of teaching, but afforded them many opportunities to have firsthand experience of what challenges their learners would face in terms of standards, task completion and deadline management. It is not surprising that the quality of teaching was incredibly high with students gaining equivalent impressive final results at the end of the school year.”

Quality Assurance/Academic Rigor  

“Rosedale Global High School’s OSSD program is undoubtedly built on proven best practices, with quality assurance and academic rigor at its heart. I believe it was particularly helpful that before the commencement of the 2020-2021 academic year, both teachers and students signed an Academic Integrity ( AI) contract underlining their commitment to the highest standards of academic practice. For students particularly, the AI contract pushed them to work intentionally and exposed them to the rare academic rigor that is characteristic of the program. I would say the awareness that a violation of the AI contract bore unreserved and immediate consequences raised the bar of quality assurance.”

Overall, Rosedale Global High School’s OSSD program has brought us enormous pleasure and we are extremely happy with Rosedale Rosedale Global High School, and proud to be running the program. “ 

I have been an education administrator for nearly five decades in both public and international schools in the United States and other countries. My professional opinion is that the secondary school program offered by Rosedale Global High School is the finest and most comprehensive educational model that I have been introduced to during my career. The program offers flexibility, student engagement, teacher-focused professional development and overall cost-effectiveness—which makes it the ideal program for any international school.

Dr. David A. BurpeeSenior Senior Academic Executive, Global Education Partnerships, Rosedale International Education

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