Student Success

Schools are measured by the success of their students, while in-program and post-graduation, and in the context of academic and personal growth. Rosedale collaborates with our international partner schools to deliver life-changing outcomes to students around the world.

Achieving Success

Rosedale Global High School prioritizes individual student growth and emphasizes the importance of holistic success beyond academics. Students acquire knowledge, skills, and methodologies to set goals, manage goals, and take ownership of their learning and livesThrough our Transformative Approach to Learning, students develop transferrable skills that lead them to success in the ever-changing future.

Rosedale Global High School

2022 University Acceptance Outcomes


# Of University Offers Per Student

Distribution of University Offers ​

2023 Graduating Class​


Students Accepted by Global Top 100 Universities


Students Accepted by Global Top 50 Universities

Selective University Admissions

University Offers by Destination Country


University ​Scholarships


CDN in scholarships were earned by our 2023 graduating class—here are a few highlights:

CAD $780,000 combined*

Student: Hauwa Ahmed
Country: Nigeria​
University: University of Ottawa (Canada)
Program: Biomedicine

Hauwa received 12 offers, including: Merrimack College ($150,000 USD), Illinois Institute of Technology ($135,000 USD), Xavier University ($135,000 USD), Miami University of Ohio ($118,000 USD), Duquesne University ($113,000 USD), University of Ottawa ($70,000 CAD), Hanover College ($46,000 USD), Wilfrid Laurier University ($12,000 CAD), Trent University ($10,000 CAD), Toronto Metropolitan University ($6,000 CAD), University of Waterloo ($2,000 CAD), and University of Toronto​.

USD $168,940

Student: Yuqiao Zeng
Country: China
University: Lawrence University (USA)​​
Program: Anthropology

100% Tuition Waiver+ £50,000 GBP living allowance

Student: Htoo Aung Mon​
Country: Myanmar​​
University: University of York (UK)​​
Program: Law

CAD $100,000

Student: Tobi Abdulkareem
Country: Nigeria
University: University of Ottawa (Canada)​
Program: Engineering

Rosedale Global High School

2022 Graduating Class Survey

Students Rated Their Learning Experiences 

Students Rated Academic Performance & University Readiness

In Myanmar, the national curriculum ends at Grade 11 and many foreign universities do not recognize the national curriculum for admission, making it difficult for students from Myanmar to study abroad. The Rosedale OSSD program allowed me to save time and qualify for admission to foreign universities. What I really liked about the program is the assessment system, where coursework was worth 70% of my final grade in a subject. I feel this assessment system is fairer, and learning is more practical and engaging instead of exam-based courses we have in Myanmar. I was also really happy to see the program is internationally recognized as my goal was always to go to university in the UK, and I received four offers of admission with the OSSD!

Htoo Aung Mon, GraduateRoyal Academic Institute, Myanmar

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At Rosedale, we are committed to reshaping the future of global education and working alongside our international partner schools to co-create life-changing learning outcomes for students around the world. To learn more about our delivery of global K-12 differentiated education, or to speak with us about a potential partnership, follow the link below.

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