Rosedale in collaboration with World-Leading Canadian Universities

Exclusive University Counselling and Academic Experience Program

Dates: Jul 21 – Aug 3, 2024

From High School to Higher Education:

Transform Your Academic Journey With An Immersive Experience!

Unleash Your Potential at Top Canadian Universities with this All-in-One Program!

8 Exclusive University Admissions Meetings

Unlock the secrets to successful university applications!

8 University-Led Workshops and Sessions

Engage in transformative workshops led by experts from top universities!

8 University Guided Immersive Campus Experiences

Discover the true essence of being part of Canada’s academic elite!

Dive Deep into Success!

Connect directly with top Canadian universities, gain insider insights to become a thriving undergraduate student!

Discover University-Led Workshops Covering Key Topics:

  • Mastering University Interviews (University of Toronto St George Campus)
  • From Ideas to Impact, workshop on Enterpreneurship & Research (University of Toronto, Scarborough and Mississauga Campus)
  • Unveiling undergraduate degrees: immersive undergraduate student experience – (McMaster University)
  • Acing academic transition: overcoming academic culture shock in Canada – (Queen’s University)
  • Goal setting unleashed: crafting your academic future with effective study habits – (Toronto Metropolitan University)
  • Discover student life: Immersive insights for your university journey (University of Western Ontario)
  • Career launchpad: inside scoop on Canada leading co-op program (York University)

Discover the Keys to Successful University Applications

  • Gain direct access to university admissions teams, and receive personalized insights and expert guidance to make future applications stand out!
  • Get recognized with a Certificate of Participation for this unique experience
  • Receive ongoing support from Rosedale Global High School’s University Guidance Counsellors throughout the program

Immerse Yourself in the Prestigious University Lifestyle

Connect with current students, gain firsthand experiences, and embrace the spirit of Canada’s academic excellence

Visit 8 campuses of 6 elite universities, and stay in the student residences on the downtown campus of the University of Toronto

Add a Splash of Fun with the Most Enriching Cultural Experience in Canada!

Program Details

  • Date and time: July 21 – August 3, 2024
  • English Language Recommendation: University tours and workshops, socio-cultural activities, and meetings will be hosted in English.
  • Target Students: Grade 10-12


Global Contact:

Stephanie Byer | Senior Manager, Global Engagement

China Contact:

Fei Li | Administration Manager | +86 18511883710