Academic Quality Assurance

Rosedale’s focus on academic empowerment, coupled with comprehensive academic quality assurance services makes it simple to scale the delivery of global, differentiated education, while ensuring students reach their full potential and open new doors to their future.

Teacher Development

Teacher Development Certificate Program

The Rosedale Teacher Development Certificate Program consists of two parts: General Qualification and subject-specific Advanced Qualification, preparing teachers in our partner schools for proficiency at Rosedale Global High School.

Teacher Professional Development

To support teachers in our partner schools, we offer a series of professional development workshops to improve teaching effectiveness, enrich transformative learning and enhance student performance.

Instructional Excellence Review 

Rosedale Global High School has defined criteria around instructional excellence to set a well-defined path for our teachers and partner schools. Our training team undertakes instructional excellence reviews and shares best practices to ensure continued awareness and improvement.

Our classroom teachers play a vital role in maintaining the standards of academic and instructional excellence and in elevating student success. It’s critical for teachers to be constantly engaged in active learning in order to fully implement the differentiated education that Rosedale Global High School is known for. Our training programs are subject-specific and practitioner-focused, which guide our classroom teachers to further develop their growth mindset and the skills essential for a modern learning environment.

Asim SayedHead of Teacher Development, Rosedale International Education

Guidance & Counselling

University Counselling Training

Our distinct University Counselling Training Program has a goal to support international partner school counsellors to effectively manage their school’s counselling practice and provide students with results-oriented support for their university applications.

Individual Growth Plan Training

The Individual Growth Plan (IGP) is a holistic student success program designed by Rosedale that develop student knowledge and skills, allowing them to take ownership of their future. The IGP aligns international partner school resources to fully support each individual student’s growth mandate.

Personalized Learning Path Advisory

Rosedale’s team of advisors support our partner schools in developing customized academic pathways for students that best support their individualized learning needs and future goals, supporting students in their academic pursuits.

Program Implementation

Program Implementation Training

During a program launch, we offer customized training to the international partner school administration teamproviding a holistic view of program delivery, operations, policies and compliance.

Academic Administration Training

We support partner school administrative staff to become familiar with academic policies and detailed administrative processes, including our collaborative model with Rosedale’s central academic administration office. 

Customized Programming

Custom programming is essential to our partnership with international partner schools. When we enter into a partnership, we develop distinct programming tailored to the unique resources, student recruitment channels and local market of the partner school.

Operational Support

Service Level Agreement 

Rosedale’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) ensures that international partner schools are provided the highest quality academic programs and services, ensuring the program operates with excellence, efficiency and transparency.

Classroom Teacher Support

Subject lead teachers at Rosedale provide instructional support to teachers in partner schools in the areas of: advanced instructional strategies, understanding assessment and evaluation activities, and supporting individual student learning needs. Rosedale also provides support to teachers to effectively use teacher-based productivity tools.

School Counsellor Support

Our Student Success Office provides ongoing, in-depth support to international partner school counsellors, from providing updated admissions information for top international universities and programs, to supporting individual student applications with university admission offices, and more—ensuring student success is paramount to Rosedale and our partners.


At Rosedale, we are continually developing and refining our practice to best support our international partner school students, teachers, and administrators. Our team strives for operational excellence through creative solutions while adapting to, and focusing on, the individual needs of each partner school.

Leslie ChanDirector of Academic Operations & Student Success, Rosedale International Education


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