A Vision of Transformation

Our purpose at Rosedale is clear: we will work collaboratively to reshape the future of global education and create life-changing learning outcomes through a transformative learning approach.

A Transformational Era

in Education

Technology has fundamentally redefined what it means to have a career, compelling educators to rethink how education will prepare our students for aever-changing world.We know that disruptive innovation in education technology, data-driven learning analytics, and differentiated education to ensure students reach their full potential are all critical to student success. 

Differentiation In Education

Previously, K-12 education followed a “one size fits all” approach and evaluated learning with standardized tests. Today, our students require a personalized and tailored education to fully develop their individual strengths and success. 

Building a Foundation for Growing Schools

Creativity, cross-disciplinary capabilities, and global perspectives were not the main focuses of traditional schools but are critical in the currentand futureeconomy. Enhanced curriculum with educators focusing on a systematic approach to the problem-solving and critical thinking, while finding ways to collaborate locally and globally, are essential. Unfortunately, many institutions may not have all the resources, expertise, and networks to meet the evolving educational needs of today’s student—Rosedale is changing this by disrupting the education space to provide solutions in scaling the delivery of global K-12 differentiated education.

Collaboratively Transforming Global Education

The Rosedale team is a community of collaborative, passionate, and purpose-driven leaders. Our culture is built on the strength of our Guiding Principles, and we know we can positively impact our partner schools, teachers and students—working together to reshape the future of global education. 

We are more than an education solution provider to our partner schools—we are dedicated to building strong partnerships and working alongside our international partner schools. Grounded in the curriculum expectations of the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), the curriculum is globally recognized as a leader in differentiated learning.   

Empowering Global Schools with

21st Century Learning

Rosedale program partners include international schools, public and private schools, universities, and large publicly traded education enterprises. We work with educational institutions from Canada to Asia, South America, and Africa with a commitment to academic rigor and holistic student success.   

We empower our international partner schools to embrace their local expertise in teaching and learning. Rosedale Global High School delivers a range of robust curriculum rooted in the Ontario Secondary School Diploma and advanced by disruptive innovation in education technology, data-driven learning management,and comprehensive quality assurance services to ensure students reach their full potential and open new doors to their future. 


Rosedale’s Transformative Approach to Learning

Our Transformative Approach to Learning has five defined pillars focused on: Transformative competency development; real-world application and innovation; global citizenship education; differentiated instruction and diverse evaluation; and the creation of a personalized learning path. We provide well-structured solutions from curriculum, technology, teaching resources, teacher development, and academic services that interconnect with the support our international partner schools require to implement transformative, global education—ultimately supporting our students to become versatile global citizens who can demonstrate and transfer skills necessary to the future of global work and leadership.

Delivering Differentiated Education with an Emphasis on Higher Order Thinking Skills on a Global Scale

Since 2014, our mission was clear: to provide access to differentiated education with an emphasis on higher order thinking skills to students around the world. Scaling the delivery of a skills focused, differentiated program takes more than great educators, program administration, and teaching; it requires persistent development and investment on core competencies in a systematic approach. 

It’s why over the years we’ve:

Built a secure, 24/7 accessible digital learning platform that hosts all Rosedale multimedia courses, teaching resources and central evaluation activities.

Developed all Rosedale Global High School  OSSD credit courses with higher order thinking skills and differentiated instruction in systematic approaches.

Provided a diverse portfolio of course selection with innovative programming to cater to diverse learning needs and support the creation of personal learning paths.

Created comprehensive teacher resources for each lesson and course, including detailed lesson plans with recommended teaching strategies and differentiated instructional resources, to equip all teachers to effectively deliver differentiated instruction within their respective classroom.

Developed a focused, program-specific teacher training certificate program and professional development sessions to ensure the instructional excellence of teachers in all international partner schools.

Developed in-depth student success, university counselling and Individual Growth Plan services with rich resources, including training programs for our international partner school guidance counsellors.

Provided our international partner schools with a team of professional expert teachers to support any academic challenges during the program.

Established a service-oriented academic operation practice with defined Standard Operating Procedures and data driven analytics at every stage of academic central delivery to ensure the consistency, efficiency, and the best partner services.

Created a full package of program handbooks, timetables, resources, and training programs, to support new partner schools in customizing and implementing the program in as little as 6-8 weeks.

Technology + Education

Rosedale’s Digital Learning Platform features multimedia content, interactive learning activities, diverse assessments, and school-level learning management functions that bring traditional classrooms into the digital era. Advanced by disruptive innovation in education technology, our Digital Learning Platform creates superior learner experiences.   

With technology enablement, Rosedale is able to deliver instructional excellence and operational efficiency at scale, empowering students, teachers and international partner schools in a structured format.

Strategic Alliances with Higher Education

Rosedale’s global delivery model and collaborative approach to education is a key fit for the transition to higher education. Our university partners are confident in our students and recognize their success—they appreciate the diversity of our student body, as well as their academic and cultural preparedness—and see our international students as future leaders.   

In partnering with renowned educational institutions in the areas of curriculum development, joint academic program delivery, international marketing, student recruitment and more, we are able to use our collective resources to better support our partner schools to offer a truly global learning experience, and set our students on the path to success.


One Shared Goal

As a leading differentiated education practitioner and solution provider, the positive outcomes of our education delivery are clear for our international partner schools, teachers and students: enhanced teaching and learning experiences, improved essential skill development, increased university acceptances, broader global reach, and most importantly, the increase in motivation and confidence demonstrated by Rosedale graduates.  

The alignment of interest among students, program partners, university strategic partners, and Rosedale is what makes our purpose-driven model powerful. We work collaboratively around a central goal—to create life-changing learning outcomes through a transformative learning approach. When students succeed, our partner schools succeed—and together, we reshape the future of global education.


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