Empowering Future Global Leaders:

Highlights of Rosedale Global High School’s Winter Camp in Hong Kong

Rosedale Global High School recently partnered with the University of Hong Kong for a dynamic Winter Camp titled “Global Leadership: Design Thinking and Social Innovation.” This transformative program provided students with a unique opportunity to explore global leadership, design thinking, and social innovation, fostering intercultural exchange and academic enrichment. 

During the week-long camp, students engaged in 15 hours of academic lectures led by University of Hong Kong professors. These sessions, conducted in English, delved into topics such as design thinking methodologies and social innovation principles. Through interactive discussions and activities, students honed their analytical and creative skills. 

A highlight of the program was the 20-minute presentation where students identified organizations exemplifying social innovation. They presented case studies to University of Hong Kong staff and professors, showcasing their ability to apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios. 

Beyond academics, students explored Hong Kong’s post-secondary landscape, visiting five leading universities. Workshops and campus tours provided insights into various disciplines and career paths, igniting aspirations for international education. 

Complementing academic pursuits were socio-cultural activities, including city tours and iconic experiences like riding the ding ding and boat tours.  

The Winter Camp underscored the importance of global academic experiences in shaping informed global citizens. It equipped participants with the tools and mindset needed to thrive in an interconnected world, empowering them to drive positive change. 

As students return home, they carry with them newfound knowledge, skills, and a deeper appreciation for diversity, preparing students to make meaningful contributions to their communities and beyond. 

In conclusion, the Winter Camp exemplified the transformative potential of international collaboration and experiential learning, empowering students to become the next generation of global leaders. 

Travel Diary|What is it like to study at the University of Hong Kong?

The Hong Kong Winter Camp of the -2024 Global Leadership Program, jointly organized by HKU and Rosedale Global High School, has come to a successful conclusion. What are the highlights of this program? What did the students gain? Let’s take a look: 

DAY 1 · Course + HKU Campus Visit

After the opening ceremony in the morning, Dr. Vivian CHU, deputy director of the Master of Social Sciences Program at HKU, presented the first course on global leadership.

Afterwards, students received a welcome luncheon hosted by HKU. In the afternoon, students were guided by HKU student ambassadors on a campus tour and explored Hong Kong city together in the evening.

DAY 2 · Course + Team Building Activities

Another three hours of inspiration in the morning. Today’s lecture is about how to play a leadership role in a world where knowledge economy, globalization and regional dynamics are constantly changing? The person teaching today is Dr. Michael LUK, Honorary Associate Professor of HKU.

In the afternoon, the students were excited about the team activity – Dialogue in the Dark. Trying out various activities in the dark space of the Experience Center, they were able to build trust, “see” more, and discover the difference in the world.

DAY 3 – Course + Dream University Campus Visits

The theme of the third course was Design Thinking and Innovation, Mr. Joe CHUI, Global Head of Customer Relationship Management Solutions from MCM Worldwide, led the students through a lively and interesting practical class, to experience first-hand how enterprises can solve practical problems through design thinking. 

In the afternoon, led by Rosedale teachers, students visited two dream Universities, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Students exchanged questions and answers with teachers from Admissions Offices, and visited the air lab filled with science and technology in PolyU, the main library in CUHK as well as other campus landmarks. 

DAY 4 – Unleashed Creativity + Dream University Campus Visits

The theme of today’s lecture continues to be design thinking and innovation. Students learnt to apply what they have learned, explore-conceptualize-output, and started practical exercises in small groups to apply key methodologies for solving practical problems.

In the afternoon, we continued campus visit to these two destinations: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and City University of Hong Kong. So far, Rosedale students have hit all the Hong Kong top five universities successfully!

DAY 5Graduation

n the last day, combining global leadership with design thinking, Mr. Joseph CHAN, Associate Professor of Practice and Associate Director of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, HKU SPACE, brought a wonderful course summary to the students. 

In the afternoon, students delivered group presentations in formal attires, demonstrated their capability to turn knowledge into practice, shared what they have learnt in this five-day course, and received certificates of completion at the closing ceremony.  

To celebrate the completion of the program, students visited Disneyland together with some Rosedale Global High School alumni in Hong Kong. Highlighted by fireworks show, the whole journey of this amazing HKU Winter Camp closed.