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Our purpose as global education professionals is to increase opportunities for young people around the world to access modern education, and to enhance collaboration within our professional education community to support learners—and on Thursday, November 18, Rosedale International Education renewed our commitment to this work by hosting the first annual Global Education Summit. 

Organized by Rosedale International Education, the Global Education Summit is delivered in partnership with our media sponsor, The PIE, with a goal to promote and enhance innovation, support sector collaboration and continuous development, and ensure sustainable growth in global education. 

The inaugural, virtual event brought together 1,317 global educators across 66 countries, including more than 190 K-12 schools and school groups, and more than 60 higher education institutions. The Summit’s reach has been truly global—embracing educators from every continent and providing points of exposure in the education and education technology sectors. The connections in education and industry arising from the Summit will further enhance our collective ability to positively impact the next generation of learners. As global educators, connecting to new ideas and resources, and networking with global colleagues, are critical to transforming our views of education—and for three hours, event participants virtually engaged in discussion, shared information, and offered one-another a level of camaraderie in the sector that was both refreshing and inspiring. Led by 24 speakers who are education advocates, thought leaders and resilient education experts, the Summit offered honest insights into how we can reshape the future of global education for the next generation, exploring topics such as: delivering modern international education at scale; collaboration between higher ed and K-12 schools; trends and outlook in the global education market; and implementing higher order thinking skill development through curriculum and teacher training. The discourse brought forth by our panelists offered a masterclass in understanding the breadth of our market, the intricacies of growth, and the opportunities for the future of our respective organizations.  

In the article transforming education and sharing success as a vibrant community, we emphasize the critical need for global educators to connect and collaborate during times of transformative change, and were proud the Summit had the ability to serve this sector need. Our event was also supported by key education partners, including: 

  • Higher education institutions: University of Bath, University of British Columbia, University of Ottawa, University of Waterloo, University of York; 
  • K-12 school groups including: Chiway Education, Çözüm Colleges, Institute of Global Citizenship Group, Maple Bear Global Schools, New Oriental, Puxin Education, Şafak Schools, STS Group, UniPlus, Xi’an QuJiang Kang Chiao School; and,
  • Industry organizations including the Inter-American Organization for Higher Education and Conference of the Americas on International Education. 

As our opening keynote, Dr. Borhene Chakroun of UNESCO, said: “This is our chance to work together to find new solutions not explored in the past, and open doors of lifelong learning opportunities to all, and promote the cause of sustainable development and reclaim the dream of leaving no one behind.”  

In that spirit, we call on you to utilize  your  Summit learnings to advance innovation and collaboration within the sector.  And we’ll be there with you—as a colleague, solution provider and your host for the 2022 Global Education Summit. If you were unable to attend, please watch the sessions on our YouTube channel. We appreciate the strength and vibrancy in our global education community and hope you’ll to be a part of the movement to reshape the future of global education, together. 

We’re planning the 2022 Global Education Summit and look forward to sharing the date with you—as well as the Call for Panelists and Partnership Packages!