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Our inaugural Global Student Success Forum welcomed 7,094 active attendees on our event platform, with more than 10,000 active attendees on global streaming platforms across many countries, and our students had the privilege to attend student workshops and open group sessions with Global Top 100 Universities, along with 124 pre-selected students receiving private 1-on-1 meetings between the student and a university recruitment representative 

The partnership with our Rosedale Global High School community was integral to the opportunities presented to our students, and to our overall success. Our enthusiastic attendees were true partners in co-creating life-changing learning outcomes for Rosedale learners. View the event outcomes, including reflections from the student experience:

October 19: Practitioner Forum and Knowledge Exchange 

On October 19, we’re proud to have offered 4 concurrent panel sessions with 12 expert panelists with sessions led by: Caltech, Columbia University Pre-College Programs, Imperial College London, King’s College London, National University of Singapore, University of Auckland, University of British Columbia, University of Oxford, University of Sydney, University of Toronto, and University of Waterloo; and 7 guidance counsellor workshops with leading universities, including: Caltech, McGill, NYU, Study in Germany, University of Oxford, University of Toronto, and University of Waterloo. Global education practitioners, educators and students had the opportunity to learn from and connect with some of the brightest minds in global education.   

Together, we listened to Chantale LeClerc, Executive Director of the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC), explore the country’s education system and how they promote extended learning for students around the world.   

Education is a resource, it is the basis of productive and prosperous societies … there’s no question that your role in supporting students to learn to acquire skills and competencies to succeed in their educational programs and to transition to higher levels of education is vitally important,” LeClerc said. 

We were also honoured to hear from Mandy Savitz-Romer, Senior Lecturer in Human Development and Education in the Harvard Graduate School of Education at Harvard University. Savitz-Romer explained the developmentalist approach to education and how it can provide a critical foundation by which educators can enrich students’ minds and prepare them for their futures as responsible, global citizens.  

“Our task is to think like developmentalists … if we are committed to supporting students in developing their future selves, we need to be committed to taking into account who they are developmentally,” Savitz-Romer advised to the education practitioners, including guidance counsellors, responsible for fostering student success.  

Expert panelists from elite global universities led us through discussions of the admissions and recruitment process; the role of academic integrity in student success; career planning and experiential programs; and three Rosedale Global High School alumni shared their perspectives on transitioning from high school to higher education. 

October 20: Elite University Student Recruitment Fair

On October 20, students participated in 8 student workshops, delivered by Columbia University Pre-College Programs, McMaster University, National University of Singapore, University of Auckland, University College London, University of Hong Kong, and Western University; and were a part of 66 university-led open group sessions across our attending universities—a place where they could learn more from admissions and recruitment representatives and ask candid questions about student life and admissions. Select students who were nominated by their partner school and selected by a committee, were eligible to join one of 124 private 1-on-1 meetings between the student and a university admissions and recruitment representative. 

Our students were articulate, respectful, and prepared to ask thoughtful questions and take advantage of this networking opportunity. The participating university representatives reported they were impressed and excited by the levels of engagement and aptitude they saw from Rosedale Global High School students—ultimately contributing to the value and success of the Elite University Student Recruitment Fair. We are proud to have provided exclusive opportunities for Rosedale Global High School students who are motivated to take ownership of their learning and their futures. 

The Global Student Success Forum is a unique-to-Rosedale event that will continue to promote academic opportunity and empower students in their careers as global citizens, as part of our holistic approach to the student experience. We would like to thank everyone involved with ensuring the forum’s success and are excited to begin preparation for the 2023 Global Student Success Forum—please save the date of Wednesday, October 25 & Thursday, October 26, 2023 and be a part of this visionary student-focused event.

We hope you’ll join us next year, where together, we will continue our mission to reshape the future of global education.    

Watch select sessions from the Global Student Success Forum with Video-on-Demand or YouTube

Event registrants are welcome to replay our Video-on-Demand sessions—they are now available on Canapii’s Video-on-Demand service through November 2, 2022. You may also visit our Global Student Success Forum playlist on our official YouTube channel, where they will be permanently archived.