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Chang Yan | Transforming character and achieving dreams through an innovative high school curriculum  

Chang graduated from Rosedale Global High School with partner New Oriental, located in Beijing, China. She is currently studying Accounting and Finance at the University of Hong Kong.  

Chang transferred to the Rosedale OSSD program in grade 11, hoping to get a more rounded education and give herself an advantage when applying to universities in China. As most students in the country, Chang began her university ambitions in middle school. The University of Hong Kong, with its high global ranking and elite status, was an immediate dream for her.  

“In China, you need get the highest grade in your class, or even in your school, to go to the University of Hong Kong. I don’t think that I could have achieved that if I had stayed in the Chinese National curriculum,” says Chang. “But Rosedale, as a global high school, really improved my English in terms of speaking writing and understanding. Its diverse evaluation also gave me many chances to demonstrate my learning and improve my grades. The program made me a better candidate for my dream university.” 

Rosedale’s Transformative Approach to Learning focuses on differentiated education, which catered to Chang’s unique strengths and interests. Chang improved her performance and competencies throughout the program and found herself excited about her academic career pathway.  

“At Rosedale, teaching methods are designed with the purpose of improving our comprehension. Different types of assignments ensure higher levels of learning, instead of just memorizing without any understanding,” explains Chang.  

Transitioning into an elite university was made easier by Rosedale’s focus on independent learning and core competency development. As a Rosedale Global High school graduate, Chang felt prepared to begin her higher education career at the University of Hong Kong. She was confident in her ability to take ownership of her learning and foster her individualized student growth.  

“Rosedale forced me to build on my self-learning ability. In university this is really important, as professors won’t tell you everything you need to know during class because they only have one or two hours every week. Thanks to the OSSD, I am familiar with personal research to stay on top of my coursework and ensure my growth as a university student,” says Chang.  

When she thinks about her future, Chang’s ambitions are centred around her character and being as well-rounded as possible. Rosedale opened her eyes to an interconnected global world, in which she wants to be a contributing citizen capable of looking critically at issues and innovating effective solutions. She is excited for the many academic and career possibilities in front of her and appreciates the person she became through Rosedale.