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Zhaldy Crispino | Going above and beyondZhaldy shows exemplary leadership in both her classroom and community at Rosedale’s first partner school in the Philippines 

Community conscious and career minded, Zhaldy Crispino is determined to create strong communities while supporting herself and her peers through the Rosedale OSSD program at her local Rosedale Global High School partner school in the Philippines. As she looks ahead to graduating with her Ontario Secondary School Diploma, Zhaldy reflects on the dedication, effort, and grit she poured into earning her diploma, and is confident the OSSD has supported her ability to balance her future university coursework with continued community participation.  

To Zhaldy, the Chris Royce Memorial Scholarship is a reminder that hard work is indeed rewarded, and fuels her determination to continue serving her school and community, ultimately bringing success and betterment to those around her. Her accolades are many—Zhaldy has amassed more than 20 awards and has been a member of multiple clubs and teams throughout her high school journey. From earning Highest Honours at PAREF Southcrest School, to earning subject-specific awards and leadership designations, she consistently shows up to better herself and to support her peers. Her consistency and leadership in community engagement work runs deep as well; since last school year, she has been involved in both supporting and leading four major service projects, all aimed towards actively engaging children and families through support when natural disasters strike, or to ensure food security within the community. 

The annual Chris Royce Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a student who is compassionate and shows strong academic and leadership skills—honouring Chris Royce, Rosedale’s first classroom teacher who taught in Shenyang, China from 2014 until he passed away unexpectedly in 2019. A talented and caring educator, Chris was known to go above and beyond to support his students and colleagues. He was a knowledgeable and effective educator who knew how to connect with learners and motivate them to achieve success.  

“Being selected as a recipient from the first partner school in the Philippines is an immense honour. It’s a privilege to showcase the numerous opportunities that the OSSD program can provide,” she says. 

Zhaldy also credits the support from her local partner school. She says, “I’ve been fortunate to receive unwavering guidance from our OSSD advisor, May Revecho, and our dedicated guidance counsellor, Patricia Quesada. To be nominated by them for this award only a month before I graduate with my diploma feels like a commemoration of all my hard work and dedication, making this scholarship the most memorable achievement I have gained from the Rosedale OSSD program.”  

Of the Rosedale OSSD, May Revecho, Level Council Coordinator at PAREF Southcrest School says, “The Rosedale OSSD has prepared Zhaldy to be thorough in her work and how to communicate with different people in a global setting. She has also developed a good understanding of academic integrity and has improved the quality of her work.” 

She continues, “Reading about the scholarship and how Chris Royce was as a teacher—someone who went above and beyond for his students and peers—I thought of Zhaldy. Zhaldy has always been one of those joyful students who not only perform well academically but help out in the school community. She has a good relationship with students from different grade levels and the members of the faculty.”  

Zhaldy told us that receiving the Chris Royce Memorial Scholarship holds immense significance for her. She says, “It’s a testament to the dedication and effort I poured into earning my OSSD alongside my Philippine diploma. Countless nights were spent studying, and days meticulously planning community service projects with my teachers. Moreover, it serves as a reminder that hard work is indeed rewarded which only fuels my determination to continue striving not just for personal success but for the betterment of those around me. 

Discussing her future plans, Zhaldy envisions deepening her engagement in community service to expand reach and impact across the Philippines and contribute meaningfully to her community. She also plans on   expanding her education by applying to global leading universities with the support of her school counsellors in both Canada and the Philippines who are working with her to identify educational pathways that meet her goals.

She says, “I am most excited about expanding my horizons through continuing my education abroad. Thanks to the opportunities provided by Rosedale OSSD, such as the Global Student Success Forum & Rosedale OSSD Elite University Student Recruitment Fair, and other workshops, I’ve had the chance to learn about universities from around the world. With the Rosedale OSSD’s support and resources, I feel confident pursuing my academic and career goals internationally.” 

Chris Royce Memorial Scholarship, Honourable mentions:   

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge all of our nominees and are pleased to extend Honourable Mentions to the following Rosedale Global High School students in the Global High School Program:    

  • W. A. Nethmi Rumeshi Fernando, Sri Lanka 
  • Owen (Jiarui) Tang, China 
  • Yuhao Luo, China 
  • Amy (Aolei) Lin, China 
  • Yuchen (Elvis) Sun, China 
  • Yixiao Li, China 
  • Tyra (Muyao) Cai, China 
  • Ash (Htin Aung) Linn, Myanmar 
  • Chioma Somtochukwu Ugwunze, Nigeria 
  • Pietra Torres Cavalcante, Brazil 
  • Olamipo Zain Hashim, Nigeria 
  • An (Andy) Chen, China 
  • Chaxiulin Li, China 

The Chris Royce Memorial Scholarship Award submission dates for the 2024-2025 academic year will be announced in November 2024.