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Rosedale Global High School Classroom Teachers are the foundation for in-person delivery of our Transformative Approach to Learning that benefits thousands of Rosedale OSSD students across the Rosedale Global High School Partner School Network. Alongside our 65 partners, we hold a responsibility to ensure the Ontario Secondary School Diploma is thoughtfully delivered within our 95 partner schools across 17 countries, and that our global teaching staff is consistently empowered to reshape the future of global education through innovation in academics and technology.

To support ongoing teaching effectiveness, enrich transformative learning, and enhance student performance, we offer a series of annual mandatory training and professional development opportunities to our Classroom Teachers in our partner schools across our Rosedale Global High School Partner School Network.

As part of Rosedale Global High School’s Academic Integrity Month activities this April, Nathalie Rudner, Director of Academics; and Asim Sayed, Head of Teacher Development, delivered a comprehensive Professional Development session on navigating artificial intelligence (AI) in student work. Held on April 16, the interactive Professional Development workshop focused on empowering educators with:

  • Critical knowledge and necessary tools to cultivate a culture of academic integrity in the face of global artificial intelligence concerns, while also emphasizing its relation to academic integrity;
  • Insights into the data and evidence used to determine if a student has used artificial intelligence to complete their work;
  • Strategies for using artificial intelligence appropriately in the classroom and ensuring original student work; and,
  • A clear understanding of the critical intersection of technology and academic integrity, and how these interplay in the everyday work of our Classroom Teachers.

The workshop welcomed 135 Classroom Teachers and prompted a deep conversation and understanding of how AI influences student assignments and assessments; and explored the nuances of detection, analysis, and policy implications. Through live discussions and real-world examples, our Classroom Teachers explored AI’s impact in a global and local context to their individual partner school countries, learned to identify patterns of AI usage in student submissions—particularly in areas such as presentations and scripted audio/video assignments, and discussed the challenges educators face in promoting academic honesty while preparing students for higher education.

The workshop highlighted actionable strategies tailored to the Rosedale Global High School community, including resources that will effectively address AI-related academic integrity issues within their local teaching environment.

Nathalie Rudner, Director of Academics, says, “Equipping our Rosedale OSSD Classroom Teachers with the knowledge and tools to navigate artificial intelligence in student work allows them to be truly empowered in their teaching practice—and to also empower our learners across 17 countries. Together with our Classroom Teachers, Rosedale Global High School ensures our students receive a world-leading secondary education that develops the critical thinking and transformative competencies required for success in a world where artificial intelligence is a commonplace tool.”

Feedback received on the workshop underscores the value of in-depth continuing educational experiences for our Classroom Teachers, and participating teachers commended the session’s focus area for being both timely and well-delivered—and welcomed updated information on topics that bridge technology and education. In an anonymous post-session survey, a Classroom Teacher remarked, “Many thanks for constantly providing us with skills and information for navigating the challenges of AI,” while a second from said, “I appreciate the up-to-date information you’ve been providing us as technology gets more and more advanced.”

Integrating insights, data, and a community-driven approach for our Classroom Teachers helps all of our educators to gain actionable strategies and approved resources to ensure academic honesty is upheld—both in secondary education and as students transition into higher education.

Empowering educators with practical tools and a deeper understanding of AI’s role in student work is critical to today’s education landscape and we continue to foster a culture of integrity and accountability in our Rosedale Global High School Partner School Network.

Learn more about our Academic Quality Assurance practices which include our Teacher Development Program, and why the Rosedale OSSD is at the forefront of differentiated and results-driven education.