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Rosedale International Education has announced the Rosedale International Education OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma) Entrance Scholarship—an annual scholarship valued at S $10,000 that will be awarded each academic year, beginning in Fall 2024, to a graduate of Rosedale Global High School who has been admitted to the National University of Singapore (NUS) and who exhibits outstanding academic qualifications. The Scholarship was formalized between Rosedale International Education and NUS at the Global Student Success Forum and Rosedale OSSD Elite University Student Recruitment Fair in Fall 2023, and is now open to students applying for admission to NUS.

Rosedale Global High School offers the OSSD, which is recognized by PISA as the second most highly ranked high school diploma internationally, and the Rosedale OSSD expands on OSSD education with a transformative and assets-based learning approach so all students are equipped to design their unique future and reach their full potential.

Fernando Oliveira, Principal of Rosedale Global High Schools, says, “Through this annual Scholarship in partnership with the National University of Singapore, we look forward to Rosedale OSSD students continuing to apply to NUS and reaping the rewards of an education from one of the most sought-after universities in the world.” He continues, “Our vision at Rosedale is to create life-changing learning outcomes through a transformative approach to learning. With collaborative programs across 17 countries, Rosedale provides transformative education to our students, and these learners seek out global post-secondary learning opportunities with the world’s leading universities. The Scholarship marks an important milestone in our ties with NUS and opens a world of possibilities for Rosedale Global High School students to attend a Top 10 ranked and globally lauded university.”

The Rosedale International Education OSSD Entrance Scholarship at NUS reflects a shared commitment of transformative education by both education institutes, and will positively impact a new generation of learners. NUS strives to impact the future in three seminal ways—nurturing talent, creating solutions, and advancing society. Rosedale Global High School students are deeply rooted in these values through both academics and activities, and the School is confident that its students who receive acceptance to NUS will be rewarded with meaningful life experiences.

NUS, Singapore’s flagship university, is ranked the eighth best global university in the QS World University Rankings 2024.

Photograph, as pictured, seated left to right: Fernando Oliveira, Principal of Rosedale Global High School; and Professor Say Song Goh, Dean of Admissions at the National University of Singapore.

Professor Say Song Goh, Dean of Admissions at NUS, says, “I hope that many Rosedale Global High School graduates will choose to study at NUS to experience our holistic approach to education across a wide range of interdisciplinary programs, gain global perspectives through our rich suite of study abroad opportunities, and enjoy a vibrant student life. I would also like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Rosedale International Education and Rosedale Global High School for their partnership, affirming our institutions’ shared commitment to shape future generations through a transformative education.”

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