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A partnership between Birmingham Academy and Rosedale International Education reinforces a commitment to transformative education, diversity and global citizenship, with the Ontario Secondary School Diploma at the core.

Rosedale International Education and Birmingham Academy have signed a partnership to offer the Rosedale Global High School Program to Birmingham Academy students in Singapore. Birmingham Academy is our first Rosedale Global High School partner school in Singapore, and we are proud to work with them to deliver the Rosedale Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) to learners in the country. Singapore is the fifth Rosedale Global High School Partner School country in Southeast Asia. Rosedale International Education is currently expanding its collaboration in the region, among existing partnerships within the countries of: Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

“The Rosedale OSSD prepares learners for a transformative, global education from their first day of high school preparation and well into graduation, and beyond. Our partnership with Birmingham Academy in Singapore is a collaborative effort in the region, and we’re proud to work together with our first partner in Singapore to bring modern education to new heights while reshaping the future of global education,” says Michelle Cui, Founder and CEO of Rosedale International Education. 

Birmingham Academy has a rich decade-long history in Singapore and is managed by academics with diverse backgrounds; the school also holds an EduTrust Certification. Birmingham Academy has graduated more than 900 students in its decade-long history, offering a variety of qualifications including preparatory courses for entry into Singapore Public Schools, Post-Secondary Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas, OTHM (UK) Master’s level course and soon the Ontario Secondary School Diploma starting from Grades 10 to 12.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed in Singapore on January 26, 2024 with the program beginning in April/May 2024 and the first cohort eligible for graduation in June 2025. Upon successful completion at this Rosedale Global High School partner school, students will be granted the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, allowing graduates the flexibility to apply to higher education institutions around the world. Together, we will expand access to world-renowned Canadian education that empowers students through asset-based learning to design their future and reach their full potential.

Photograph, as pictured standing left to right: Dr. David A. Burpee, Senior Academic Executive, Global Education Partnerships, Rosedale International Education; Ng Joon Peng, Founder and Chairman, Birmingham Academy; Marcus Lim, CEO, St. Uriel Education Pte Ltd of Singapore.

Dr. Abdul Rashid, CEO, Birmingham Academy, says, “Today marks the start of our diversification into the International School Curriculum market in Singapore. At present, we are the only private school in Singapore to offer the Rosedale OSSD from Grades 10 to 12.”

At the signing, Jean-Dominique Ieraci, High Commissioner for Canada in the Republic of Singapore, noted, “The Ontario Secondary School Diploma is not as famous here in Asia as the Cambridge and IB Curriculums. But I want to assure all of you that our Canadian Curriculum is on par with all other Curriculums from English speaking countries.”

Ng Joon Peng, Founder and Chairman of Birmingham Academy expressed the importance of students realizing their full potential, and says of the partnership, “Our mission is to ensure that our OSSD graduates can fulfil their dream to obtain an undergraduate degree which can lead to good jobs and good remuneration.”

As the global education landscape evolves, this partnership marks an exciting and timely milestone for Rosedale International Education. Of note, Rosedale announced its first university scholarship with the National University of Singapore (NUS) in late 2023—NUS is ranked as the world’s eighth leading university according to QS World University Rankings—ultimately providing Singaporeans and international students with more choice in the region post-OSSD studies.

Rosedale International Education delivers school learning solutions in K-12 transformative global education. With a robust infrastructure with an advanced digital learning platform, world-renowned curriculum and differentiated instructional resources, and comprehensive academic integrity and quality assurance services, all international partner schools are equipped to offer a modern and global high school program that implements a systematic Transformative Approach to Learning that supports key areas of learning for the twenty-first century: Transformative competency development; real-world application and innovation; global citizenship education; differentiated instruction and diverse evaluation; and the creation of a personalized learning path. Our well-structured education solutions interconnect with the support our international partner schools require to implement transformative, global education.

Rosedale International Education operates Rosedale Global High School, and all Rosedale Global High School students across our 17-country partner school network attend the annual Global Student Success Forum, which connects them to more than 35 Global Top 100 Universities at our Rosedale OSSD Elite University Student Recruitment Fair, providing opportunities to meet one-to-one with university admissions and recruitment staff, attend student workshops and Q&A sessions, and become well-prepared for the transition from high school to higher education.

Learn more about our educational approach and explore our School Profile, which includes data on the global leading universities who offered admission to Rosedale Global High School students in 2023.

Photograph, as pictured standing left to right: Jean-Dominique Ieraci, High Commissioner for Canada in Singapore; Dan Berar, First Secretary and Trade Commissioner (Education, Science and Technology), High Commission of Canada in Singapore.