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As our 2022-2023 academic year comes to a close, Rosedale Global High School celebrates the many successes of the Class of 2023 in collaboration with our global partner school network. Watch the video, or read below, for our Principal’s Address, and come back to our News page for student stories!

Hello from Canada and congratulations to you—the Rosedale Global High School Class of 2023. While your graduation marks the completion of one learning experience, it also marks an exciting starting point for new prospects and opportunities. As a graduate of Rosedale Global High School school at your international partner school, you have actively engaged in the exploration of real-world application and innovation in learning. These explorations have led you to engage in critical thinking, creative problem solving, innovation, and entrepreneurship, all to support you in acquiring in- depth knowledge through a global lens. This integrated approach to learning has supported you to connect deeply with real-world issues and challenged you to respond with questions and solutions that are culturally aware, diverse, and global in perspective. You have demonstrated that you can take ownership of your learning, and that you are capable of aligning your learning with your interests, your strengths, and your personal ambition. 

Your Rosedale Global High School education culminates with the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, the OSSD. You are now the recipient of a diploma that is ranked among the highest in the world in high school international education. This diploma provides you with an exciting opportunity to design your future and realize new avenues for growth as you embark on your post-secondary school journey. The competencies that yo u developed and the academic excellence that you honed during your Rosedale OSSD —these will continue to support you along the way. Education is a powerful change agent—and I challenge you to follow your strengths, your passions, and your intuition.  

The future you envision is ready for you, and we can’t wait to see what you achieve. Congratulations and best wishes for a future that will be both exciting and challenging—may it always be a learning experience. Congratulations. 

—Fernando Oliveira, Principal, Rosedale Global High School