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Empowering teachers is central to our work—we have a deep appreciation for what makes a teacher successful, and a drive to ensure we deliver leading-edge teacher training programs. With a shared promise to empower teachers and provide best practice in teaching and learning, Rosedale is continuously assessing our teacher training programs to ensure innovation, effectiveness, and thought leadership—all to enhance our programs and deliver exceptional training outcomes for our teachers.

Rosedale’s Global High School Teacher Training Certification Program is an integrated solution to develop and empower local teachers at our international partner schools by equipping them with knowledge, skills, resources and tools to lead students to excellence through: Instructional Excellence, Student Achievement Enhancement and Academic Operation Efficiency. This comprehensive training program is designed to support the educational objectives and academic delivery of our Global High School (OSSD) Program through a Transformative Approach to Learning and is mandatory learning for Classroom Teachers—we create a supportive environment to well-prepare teachers with strategies, skills, resources and tools to create classrooms dedicated to differentiated education with an emphasis on higher order thinking skills. This program consists of three core learning formats, as last year: Independent Learning, Group Live Session and Teaching in Practice.

Last year, the Rosedale Global High School Teacher Training and Certification Program welcomed 239 new-to-Rosedale teachers, and in 2021, we anticipate nearly 350 teachers will join our proactive, comprehensive and practical training program to prepare them to apply our Transformative Approach to Learning in their schoolaround the globe. 

New approaches and program enhancements

Two Qualifications
The new 2021-22 Teacher Training and Certification Program is divided into two parts, each leading to a qualification: a General Qualification (GQ) and Advanced Qualification (AQ). The GQ program is designed to onboard teachers to Rosedale Global High School Program, preparing them with essential knowledge, skills and resources to effectively deliver differentiated education with a focus on higher order thinking skills beginning their first day in the classroom. They will understand our Transformative Approach to Learning, HOTS-focused and collaborative teaching strategies, learn evaluation strategies and approaches for OSSD assessment, become proficient in our LMS platform and their resources and support tools, participate in scenario-based learning and much more. Our AQ program equips teachers with subject specific advanced instructional strategies to support the in-depth development of HOTS, enhance student learning and improve upon their academic achievement in four streams (ESL/English, Math/Physics, Chemistry/Biology, Business/Social Studies); the AQ prompts teachers to learn through questioning techniques, support individual learning needs and student growth, and provide instruction and feedback to improve student achievement. New teachers will also participate in this component of the training once they are in a classroom and working directly with students; ultimately allowing them to immediately turn theory into practice in their specific subject area.

Subject Specific
As part of both the GQ and AQ programs, we highlight subject specific content to support teachers in applying necessary skills to all teaching experiences and learning in teacher independent learning modules. Some of the essential elements include lesson planning in which we prepare our classroom teachers with subject specific examples, teaching demonstrations and integration of subject specific advanced instructional strategies for differentiated lesson planning; independent learning content on the Rosedale Digital Platform with subject based foundational and essential teaching strategies for higher order thinking skills development​ and more. In our live training workshops, our Rosedale subject expert trainers facilitate group discussion, sharing their expertise, knowledge and best practices in implementing advanced instructional and teaching strategies with teachers. All Teaching in Practice assignments are subject specific, and teachers can use the courses they are going to teacher to practice their new learning.

Practitioner Focused
Rosedale teacher training program implements, and models practitioner-focused training where practical classroom activities are designed to enable our classroom teachers to apply their learning to their day-to-day teaching and practice.​The essential segments include all instructional strategies not only include theory but also include the implementation using multimedia demonstration; the applications of academic policies are scenario-based learning with real examples from academic operation; our classroom teachers are given the opportunity to grade with the lens of a Rosedale grading teacher using sample student work products; lastly Throughout the program, classroom teachers receive written reflection and descriptive feedback from Rosedale teacher trainers and experts.​

Our teacher training programs continuously rank high among teachers and administrators and provide them the confidence to deliver differentiated education to meet diverse student needs and apply advanced instructional strategies to develop students’ higher order thinking skills. If you’re interested in learning more about Rosedale’s training program for your educational institution, we invite you to contact our Head of Teacher Training, Asim Sayed. Rosedale is proud to partner with a variety of educational institutions—learn more about our Partnerships and how we can support your teachers in reshaping the future of global education.