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Fiyin Oyewole | Designing her future by utilizing strengths helped this Rosedale graduate earn her place in a prestigious university program

Fiyin graduated from Rosedale Global High School with partner Meadowlands Canadian School, located in Nigeria. She is currently studying Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo and equates her enrollment in the most prestigious engineering program in Canada to Rosedale and opportunities the program provides for its students. After transferring into Rosedale’s Transformative OSSD program, Fiyin transformed her learning style and became more meticulous and efficient.  

Before joining the Rosedale program, I wasn’t necessarily an independent learner. But after spending two years in the program, I’ve learned how beneficial independent research is to your own learning. It helps you understand your work, efforts, and meet your goals,” reflects Fiyin.  

Rosedale motivated Fiyin to take pride across all she’s done—in school work and in her personal pursuits. She says, “I am much more cognizant of the minor things, like my punctuation, formulas, and everything else. I constantly try to ensure that everything is impeccable.” With a focus on research and details, Fiyin notes how her school work and performance improved both at Rosedale, and now in her undergraduate program at University of Waterloo. 

Discussing how Rosedale’s differentiated instruction empowered her to explore how she best demonstrates her learning, Fiyin appreciates the opportunities she had to better understand herself as a student and as a person. Through courses like Design Your Future, she learned to identify and utilize her strengths and weaknesses in ways that best support her desired pathway.  

“At Rosedale, I built critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration skills. At the University of Waterloo, critical thinking and creativity are of utmost importance. Of course, they’re looking for students with good grades and extra-curriculars, but they also want people that bring new ideas to the table,” she says. 

With her Rosedale OSSD and improved academic performance, Fiyin received acceptances to the University of Waterloo, Carleton University, the University of Ottawa, York University, and Queen’s University. Feeling sure of what she wanted from her life and career, she accepted the offer from the University of Waterloo.  

“The program I’m studying at the University of Waterloo teaches us how to design software, make new systems, and improve existing ones. University of Waterloo also provides an unmatched experience with its co-operative learning,” Fiyin boasts, prepared for the challenges and opportunities ahead of her.

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