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Faiza Gebi | A Rosedale Global High School valedictorian connects her high school achievements to higher education success

Faiza graduated as the valedictorian of her 2021 class with Rosedale Global High School partner The Regent College , located in Nigeria. After studying A levels until grade 11, Faiza felt she wasn’t getting the most out of her studies as her prior curriculum was based heavily on a final exam and less on real-world application and innovation. Along with her family’s support, she decided to transfer to Rosedale Global High School and study in our Transformative OSSD Program for her senior year of high school, knowing the curriculum would better support her learning path, growth opportunities, and future career aspirations.

“In A levels, the final exam held the fate of your final grade. At Rosedale, the curriculum is continuous assessment-based which gave me a chance to demonstrate my knowledge.”

With a mindset shift to a learning model that encompasses differentiated instruction and diverse evaluation, Faiza thrived at Rosedale Global High School, and her dedication did not go unnoticed.

“I was honoured to be the valedictorian of my 2021 class,” she says.  As a Rosedale Global High School graduate, Faiza received offers from multiple universities, including: the University of Guelph, Ontario Tech University, Wilfrid Laurier University, and Western University. She attributes these opportunities to Rosedale’s OSSD Program, citing the variety of courses that exposed her to multiple fields, and allowed her to explore her interests and build her own personalized career path.

“It wasn’t until I was in Rosedale OSSD that I realized how passionate I am about developing the world. My dream is to one day be a part of a system that finds ways to implement realistic solutions that would improve people’s lives and achieve peaceful co-existence. The OSSD program incorporates real-life situations into all that you learn, which helped me realize that everything I do as a person has an impact in the world, she says.”

Faiza accepted an offer of admission to Western University, enrolling in their Global Development Program at their Huron campus—a choice she made based on its reputable status and potential for fulfilling career pathways. After searching her desired career path and its requirements, Faiza knew Western University’s Global Development Studies Program was where she needed to be. It was her “first love,” and she plans to continue her education to earn a master’s degree.

“Rosedale really connects you to the world and it showed me what I wanted to do with my life.”

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