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Effective September 1, 2022, Rosedale International Education announces a brand update and school-level name change from Rosedale Academy to Rosedale Global High School (BSID #668726 with the Ontario Ministry of Education in Canada). 

Since 2014, Rosedale has been a proven global leader of Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) education with more than 4,000 program students worldwide. With an innovative partnership model, Rosedale Global High School will continue to expand access to world-renowned differentiated education that empowers students to design their future and meet their full potential, and currently has 62 international partners in 95 schools across 17 countries. 

“In the Rosedale Global High School name, we acknowledge the global reach of our collaborative program, and emphasize our leadership in transformative high school education,” says Michelle Cui, Founder and CEO of Rosedale International Education. 

She continues, “We aim to be transformative and empowering, and globally minded in all we do. Our new high school name signifies our commitment to transformative, global high school education; will support our partner schools across our Rosedale Global High School community; and demonstrates our global prominence and value in the education sector.”

Rosedale Global High School, formerly Rosedale Academy, is proud to be the first private secondary education institution to be featured by Global Affairs Canada, and in 2021, the school was acknowledged by Professionals in International Education News with a commendation for its measurable impact in secondary school learning. 

Since Rosedale Academy’s first graduating cohort in 2015, the school has grown exponentially with international partners to expand access to world-renowned education. The Rosedale Academy 2022 graduating class was comprised of nearly 1,000 students, with 100% of graduates receiving offers of admission to global universities across 14 countries. Of the graduating class, 65% of students were accepted by global top 100 universities, and 43% by global top 50 universities.  

“Our Rosedale Academy graduating class leaves a legacy of growth, resilience, and high achievement. I’m confident the 2023 graduating class of Rosedale Global High School will follow their path,” says Fernando Oliveira, Principal of Rosedale Global High School. 

Beginning September 1, 2022, transcripts/documents and diplomas will bear the Rosedale Global High School name and school seal. The brand update and school-level name change began as a phased approach in spring 2022, and will conclude on September 1, 2023. Primary changes include:

  • An updated school name from Rosedale Academy to Rosedale Global High School; 
  • An update to our dual organizational logo and school logo; 
  • Domain name and email address change from to;  
  • An update to our Transformative Approach to Learning to align with best practices;  
  • Changes across our social media platforms; and, 
  • Updates to both public-facing and international partner school marketing content. 

If you have questions on the brand update or school name change, please contact Holly Fraser in Marketing & Communications.