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In accordance with the Ontario Ministry of Education and first-hand feedback from students, teachers, and partner school administrators, we are strengthening our policies and practices to: Improve teacher, staff, and student user experiences, transparency, accountability, and learning; increase the value of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) earned at Rosedale Global High School, with an emphasis on quality and efficiency to streamline processes; and, inspire further innovation and growth within our global high school community. For the coming academic year, we are focusing on these three areas: 

  1. Creating opportunities for student and partner school accountability and ownership; 
  2. Improving academic evaluation, consistency, quality, and efficiency; and, 
  3. Enhancing our monitoring and reporting system. 

Focus area #1: Creating opportunities for student and partner school accountability and ownership

The student learning experience and individualized pathways are key to Rosedale and our partner schools’ purpose. This year, we are introducing new policies to reduce student burdens, and launching new tools that boost efficiency and cohesion in our submission and grading processes. These updates and new tools are focused on improving student learning outcomes and encouraging authentic learning experiences.  

As a member of the International Center of Academic Integrity, we are dedicated to our responsibility for upholding the standards of academic integrity with increased resources for students and staff, opportunities for student accountability, and the appointment of an Academic Integrity Officer in each of our partner schools. Encouraging schools to take ownership of academic integrity policies and opening communication within our community will build confidence in all aspects of Rosedale’s transformative Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) curriculum in the 2022-2023 school year. We are also launching an enhanced Guidance Counsellor Training Program with live one-on-one guidance counsellor meetings to better prepare counsellors and administrators for real-world practices.   

Within this focus area we are:  

  • Promoting and ensuring academic honesty compliance through improved academic integrity systems; and, 
  • Enhancing our Learning Management System tools to allow for better school management for administrators. 

Focus area #2: Improving academic evaluation, consistency, quality, and efficiency

Rosedale’s transformative OSSD curriculum prioritizes authentic learning experiences focused on delivering transformative education to more students around the world. Critical to this process is the consistency, quality and efficiency of our evaluations processes. We believe the best way to achieve effective evaluations for our students is to focus on increased support for classroom teachers and grading teachers; implementing moderation training, and increasing classroom teacher professional development sessions. All of our grading teachers will be given improved and detailed guidelines for all Rosedale courses that will support inter-grader reliability. Increased check-ins will open communication between our graders and Rosedale management to improve the quality and consistency of all evaluations.  

Within this focus area we are: 

  • Implementing moderation sessions for our grading teachers to ensure improved inter-grader consistency; 
  • Creating targeted professional development sessions for classroom teachers; 
  • reducing the overall number of formatives to increase content-based feedback on summatives and targeted formatives; and, 
  • Enhancing tools on the Learning Management System (ie. Video Upload and Learning Skills Upload tools) to improve the stakeholder user experience and efficiency on the platform. 

Focus area #3: Enhancing our monitoring and reporting system 

In order to ensure the successful implementation of our new and updated 2022-2023 policies and practices, we are focusing on enhancing our monitoring and reporting systems. Our unique delivery model puts an emphasis on collaboration with our partner school teachers and administrators whose direct involvement with student experiences provide invaluable insights. Increased practices focused on assessment and feedback from those at the frontline will produce more data that we will use to develop and enhance the student learning experience in the next year and the extended future.  

Within this focus area we are: 

  • Introducing a common contact point for all OSSD program delivery queries, allowing for better transparency with stakeholder issues, leading to opportunities for proactive improvement; 
  • Increasing student feedback collection through reflections and learning logs found within each course; and, 
  • Creating new reports on different education metrics leading to more thorough understandings of the performance of Rosedale and partner school students, and allowing for greater data analysis to create solutions for improved student success. 

These focus areas reflect our commitment to process improvement and partner school support. As a global education partner, Rosedale supports each school’s unique development mandate and ensures they are equipped with resources, training, and best practices that are both digitally intelligent and operationally efficient—ultimately empowering teachers and learners.