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Meet Angel Oluwabukola Adaji | Rosedale’s OSSD program empowered this student to communicate and think globally 

Angel Oluwabukola Adaji’s story is a testament to the transformative power of education, particularly when combined with the right balance of passion, innovation, and global exposure. For Angel, Rosedale Global High School meant more than academics—the Rosedale OSSD served as a platform for cultivating competencies, enhancing skills, and gaining perspectives and principles that would Intricately mold her journey as a citizen of the world. 

Angel embarked on a year-long transformative journey within Rosedale’s OSSD program that would establish her future success. Now, as a member of Rosedale Global High School’s 2023 graduating class with partner school Meadowlands Canadian School, located in Nigeria, Angel is confidently moving towards her goals. 

With a focus on growing academically and recognizing her strengths and interests along her educational journey, she applied to universities in Canada, the United States, and Nigeria, ultimately receiving multiple offers from the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, the University of Ottawa, York University, Wilfred Laurier University, the University of Saskatchewan, Xavier University, Virginia Wesleyan College, Alfred University, University of Miami, and the University of Jos, among others. Notably, Angel earned Xavier University’s Dean’s Scholarship, an academic merit scholarship of $100,000. 

Receiving multiple university acceptances and more than $180,000 of total scholarship funds offered to her across the universities, Angel had a difficult decision ahead of her, ultimately accepting an offer to the University of Jos in Nigeria for her undergraduate studies. This fall, she will pursue a joint bachelor’s degree program in Medicine and Surgery.  

Rosedale’s OSSD program played a pivotal role in shaping Angel’s academic trajectory and university choice. Initially interested in computer science, Rosedale’s diverse curriculum allowed her to explore various subjects. As part of the OSSD program’s required Community Involvement hours, she volunteered at an Internal Displaced Persons camp in Abuja, serving as a healthcare provider’s assistant, which expanded her horizons in career pathways and deepened her connection with her community. This profound experience, combined with the program’s transformative approach, ultimately cemented her determination to pursue a medical career and help support others in her home country. 

Angel says she learned many skills throughout her academic and volunteer experiences. She says, “The most important skill I learned in this program is time management.” This skill isn’t just about allocating hours; it’s about organizing one’s life efficiently. This knack for time management will undoubtedly be a cornerstone of her journey through medicine and surgery. Effective communication is another skill Angel gained during her time at Rosedale. “Knowing something and being able to express it are two different things,” she reflects. This skill is vital for future medical professionals, enabling them to convey complex medical information with clarity and compassion. 

“The Canadian curriculum and international faculty exposed me to various international issues and viewpoints…enhancing my understanding of the world.” Angel’s experience with Rosedale’s OSSD program expanded beyond the classroom and her volunteer experiences. At the Rosedale OSSD Elite University Student Recruitment Fair, Angel interacted with Nigerian students at other Rosedale Global High School partner schools across the country, as well as international faculty members who provided a myriad of cultural perspectives, equipping her with a broad worldview and preparing her for the future. 

As she enters the next chapter of her academic career, her ambition to become a compassionate medical doctor shines bright. Her university education will prepare her with medical knowledge and skills while immersing her in hands-on patient care—and she is ready to bring her skills, experiences, and cultural awareness to the forefront of her new studies.  

Angel Oluwabukola Adaji’s journey through Rosedale’s program is more than just a success story; it’s a blueprint for how personalized, innovative education can nurture a learner’s skills, perspectives, and passions.