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Each student enrolled in the Rosedale Global High School Program at a Rosedale Academy international partner school has their own distinct path filled with ideas, goals and dreams—and understanding that unique student experience is paramount in how we shape education for the next generation of global learners .

At Rosedale, we’re proud of our continuous innovation and enhancement in providing solutions and best practices to our 51 Rosedale Academy partner schools. We ensure our robust curriculum, rooted in the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), is delivered confidently by our Classroom Teachers through annual teacher training and professional development programs.

When our partner schools succeed, students succeed. In honouring our commitment to building strong partnerships with top secondary schools around the world and providing students access to differentiated education with an emphasis on higher order thinking skills, while studying in their local school’s classroom, we invited our 2021 graduates to share their thoughts about their time at Rosedale Global High School Program—ultimately providing us a look into the lived experience of our students: from curriculum, learning experiences, to their preparation for university and more.

By the numbers

Our graduates have shown that differentiated education and high order thinking skill development are effectively implemented across the Global High School Program and provided exceptional learner experiences. A few statistics:

  • 91% of graduates reported well-rounded learning experiences in the collaborative program 
  • 86% felt their learning and course studies were well-aligned with their interests, strengths, university and career goals 
  • 91% believe Rosedale’s curriculum supported their skill development in addition to content learning 
  • 81% believe their classroom teachers spent an appropriate amount of time on skill development, in addition to content learning 
  • 85% say their academic performance has improved in their Global High School Program, compared to their prior academic programs 
  • 85% believe they are well-prepared to begin their university education 

We are pleased to hear that our graduates achieved personalized growth and were able to define their own excellence through our differentiated education program. Respondents assessed their learning experiences noting an average 86% overall rating with key takeaways including: graduates felt their academic performance improved in the program; students believe that diverse and progressive options for evaluation within their courses helped them better demonstrate their learning and achieve higher academic success; graduates are satisfied with the offers they’ve received to pursue higher education; and they have sufficient knowledge about their desired pathways.

What our graduates are telling us

With an open-ended feature of our graduate survey, graduates were able to share their thoughts with us anonymously. They have noted:

“Compared with the curriculum I learned before, OSSD offered me an opportunity to show my ability completely. In this program, I have to focus on every assignment instead of only the final exam. I improved the ability to self-study.”
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“It was a great learning experience that helped me realize my strengths and move forward, both academically and psychologically.”
Learn more about our Individual Growth Plan, and how it supports our students.

“I am grateful for everything. I have received not only an offer for university, but a full scholarship, and these achievements are the benefits gained from choosing the Global High School Program.”
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“I had a pleasant learning experience during the program and I was able to develop my higher order thinking skills. I also received a lot of offers, which enabled me to choose my desired university wisely. Most importantly, this program impacted my life positively.
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Why we focus on data at Rosedale

Led by Leslie Chan, Head of Academic Operations and Student Success Services at Rosedale, the data output of this comprehensive graduate survey will provide us insight into the student experience and will serve as a benchmark as we continue to collect data that will support the enhancement of curriculum, teaching resources, student support services, university counselling, and overall program operations, and ultimately support the success of our partner schools and students.

Our programming creates superior learner experiences and delivers life-changing learning outcomes to students—and we’re ready to support your growth and vision for education. Read more and connect with us on how we can support your global education vision.