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A partnership between Maple Bear Global Schools and Rosedale International Education reinforces a commitment to transformative education, diversity and global citizenship, with the Ontario Secondary School Diploma at the core.

The partnership brings together two of Canada’s largest K-12 global education brands and will offer a three-year bilingual Global High School Program to Maple Bear students in Brazil beginning in February 2022.

“We believe the mosaic of Canada, and our connected world, is strengthened by transformative education, diversity and global citizenship. Our Global High School Program is co-created in partnership with each school, with immediate benefits to both learners and educators—we’re proud to deliver a modern high school solution to Maple Bear Global Schools and reshape the future of global education, together,” says Michelle Cui, Founder and CEO of Rosedale International Education.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two education providers was signed in Toronto in November 2021, and the program will combine courses from the local country’s high school curriculum and Rosedale International Education’s Ontario Secondary School Diploma, delivered as Rosedale Academy under BSID 668726. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be granted both a high school diploma from their local country and the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, allowing graduates the flexibility to apply to higher education institutions within Canada, and across the world. This flexibility provides pathways for learners to take ownership of their education, and their future goals and success, while becoming responsible global citizens. The MoU was signed one day after Rosedale International Education hosted the inaugural Global Education Summit, in which Maple Bear Global Schools CEO Arno Krug was a panelist speaking to the growth, trends and outlook of the global international school market.  

“Maple Bear Global Schools is pleased to announce that we will be partnering with Rosedale International Education to offer our high school students a greater variety of high school programming that will enable them to acquire the courses they need for post-secondary opportunities abroad or at local universities,” says Arno Krug.

Maple Bear was founded with the purpose of sharing the very best of Canadian education with the world, and is dedicated to helping its students become lifelong learners, recognizing a strong start, through early childhood education, is critical in building the foundation that will allow children to become passionate about learning.  

As a trusted solution provider with a mission to reshape the future of global education, Rosedale will support Maple Bear’s mission and deliver a high school solution that brings world-renowned Canadian education, through the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, across 10 Maple Bear locations in Brazil by February 2022 with additional locations to follow.

Rosedale’s award-winning learning and assessment content embeds higher order thinking skills and differentiated resources in each course. Each course lesson is accompanied by a detailed lesson plan with specific instructional strategies and differentiated resources for teachers to create engaging learning environments to support and assess student learning. Centralized academic assets improve the instructional excellence at each school, promote instructional consistency among teachers, and the comprehensive and structured school support system built into each function of the Rosedale Academy Global High School Program’s academic management and administration ensure superior delivery, at scale, particularly important for large school groups such as Maple Bear Global Schools. 

Embracing disruptive innovation in academics and technology, Rosedale is globally recognized for its modern approach to education, and ability to deliver life-changing learning outcomes to students around the world. In four years, our Global High School Program has reached a partnership base of 62 partners with 95 schools across 17 countries, and in 2021, will bring approximately $128 million into Canada through student pathways alone.

Rosedale offers a robust infrastructure with an advanced digital learning platform, world-renowned curriculum and differentiated instructional resources, and comprehensive academic integrity and quality assurance services to all international partner schools. This allows partner schools to offer a modern Global High School Program that implements a systematic Transformative Approach to Learning that supports key areas of learning for the twenty-first century: the development of higher order thinking skills, real-world problem solving, differentiated instruction and evaluation, personalized student learning path, and global preparedness.

Learn more about our educational approach and explore our School Profile, which includes data on the global universities who offered admission to Rosedale Academy students in 2021.