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In our globally connected world, it’s critical we maintain a culture of integrity within academics, while also ensuring the validity of student achievement. Academic integrity and student achievement are critical for both the holistic growth of learners and their skill development, and in providing educational pathways as learners move from secondary to post-secondary education. 

On Thursday, February 24 from 12-1 p.m. EST, Rosedale International Education is a panelist for The PIE Webinar, Maintaining a culture of academic integrity and validating student achievement, alongside three esteemed panelists who will discuss best practices and frameworks, and the current state of academic integrity in a global context.

The webinar is chaired by Amy Baker, CEO of The PIE, with panelists including:

Amanda McKenzie, Board of Directors at International Center for Academic Integrity, USA and Director of Quality Assurance (Academic Programs) in the Office of Academic Integrity at University of Waterloo, Canada: With a vast profile in academic integrity, both in Canadian and international education, Amanda McKenzie is among the most qualified to speak on issues of academic integrity. She is involved with many organizations dedicated to understanding and implementing the best academic integrity practices in schools. As officer and board member of the International Center for Academic Integrity, she is involved with many projects that advance ethics and integrity in institutions around the world and co-founded the ICAI Canadian Regional Consortium. Her work in the field is practiced daily through her role as the Director of Quality Assurance (Academic Programs) in the Office of Academic Integrity at the University of Waterloo.

Dr. Eleanor Parker, Head of Learning Development at King’s College London, UK: Dr. Parker leads services and contributes towards supporting students with academic literacies and learning (including assessment), supports faculty with curriculum design and development, and collaborates on how learning development can address issues in attainment, retention and transition. She supports both secondary and post-secondary students and educators to enhance the student experience through teaching and learning, student and staff skills development, and mental health and wellbeing.

Neil Herrington, Head of International Recruitment at Cognita Schools, Europe: As Head of International Student Recruitment for Cognita, a global private schools group with more than 85 schools in 12 countries, Neil Herrington has spoken to Cognita’s commitment to education during the COVID-19 pandemic, and ability to effectively adapt to the new standard for remote learning in order to ensure continued student engagement, collaboration and integrity. 

Nathalie Rudner, Director of Academics at Rosedale International Education, Canada: As Director of Academics at Rosedale International Education, Nathalie leads curriculum development, teacher training and co-curricular projects in the Rosedale Global High School Program, which operates in 95 schools in 17 countries. She manages the development of specialty high school programs, including STEM Entrepreneurship, Creative Industry Media Arts and the English Enhancement Learning Program. Nathalie was awarded a Certificate of Achievement in the Prime Minister’s Awards for Teaching Excellence in Canada and is recognized as a foreign expert with the Beijing Ministry of Education.

The panel will discuss collaboration among secondary and post-secondary institutions, the challenges we face as a sector and current mechanisms in place—specifically across North America and the UK—to ensure academic integrity and equity among international student applicants, support learners through skill development and growth mindset, and share successful frameworks that support faculty, staff and students in cultivating a culture of integrity.

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For our audience in China, the webinar will stream on Thursday, March 17 via a local platform and will include a live roundtable brief with local experts of the region.