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Statement: Rosedale successfully satisfied the University of Sydney’s stringent admissions standards in School Verification Program

Dear partner school administrators, teachers, students, and parents:

We are pleased to share that on January 10, 2023, Rosedale was formally notified by The University of Sydney (USYD) in a confidential Letter of Affirmation that Rosedale Global High School successfully satisfied the University of Sydney’s stringent admissions standards in its School Verification Program. Rosedale is one of a select number of Ontario high schools that has successfully completed the USYD verification. Rosedale’s Global High School program, which culminates with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), continues to grow in global recognition, and we were happy to work collaboratively with USYD to successfully complete the verification process. To provide sufficient time for students to complete their university application and visa preparation, USYD will resume processing new applications from Rosedale Global High School students starting on the 2nd semester of 2023.

Since September 2022, the University of Sydney has required all Ontario schools—both site-based and online —to satisfy a new verification process before reviewing student applications. The USYD School Verification Program was implemented to combat the increase of fraudulent activity in the 2022 school year applications to Australian universities from third parties that fraudulently use OSSD school names and OSSD student identities as well as OSSD schools that do not adhere to acceptable academic integrity standards. It is the responsibility of university admission teams around the world to uphold high levels of academic honesty and, while the USYD Verification Program is not solely targeted on schools that offer the OSSD, Rosedale welcomes any measure that ensures fairness to all student applicants.

Rosedale Global High School was one of the first OSSD-granting schools selected by USYD to participate in the early stages of the School Verification Program, so they can mature the verification process to apply to all other Ontario schools. We are proud to be selected in the early stages of this new process, as it reflects our commitment to our global partner schools and student body, as well as USYD’s enthusiasm in continuing to work with the Rosedale Global High School community. At the same time, Rosedale has been working proactively and collaboratively with the Ontario Ministry of Education to protect the integrity of the university application process, while supporting a smooth admissions process for Rosedale’s graduating students.

As part of the rigorous School Verification Program, Rosedale’s team responded swiftly, providing necessary documentation to ensure the situation was remedied in a timely manner for our students. Due in part to Rosedale Global High School’s advanced collaborative delivery model, our quality assurance system in both operations and academics, and our proven track record of high-achieving students, we successfully completed the verification process within a short timeline, and without reservation from the USYD admissions team.

Currently, The University of Sydney, The University of Queensland, The University of New South Wales, Monash University, Australian National University, and University of Technology Sydney are processing and accepting Rosedale applications and, when required, connecting directly with Rosedale’s Guidance Team to verify student transcripts. We are committed to prioritizing the verification of each student application and collaborating with universities admissions to ensure all applications to Australian universities are well-supported. In the event of fraudulent use of the Rosedale Global High School name, a report will be made to the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Rosedale is committed to working collaboratively and closely with all the leading universities across the world to defend and promote the proven value of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. In October 2022, Rosedale was honoured to host the Global Student Success Forum and Elite University Student Recruitment Fair. This popular event included the active participation of numerous top-100 universities, including Harvard University, University of Oxford, and University of Cambridge, and demonstrated the strength of Rosedale OSSD on a global scale. It was also a testament to the trust and confidence that Rosedale has earned with universities for our high academic standards, educational quality, and student support services.

As the landscape of global education evolves, we recognize the importance of ensuring that the OSSD granted through Rosedale Global High School is held in the highest regard. We look forward to strengthening our collaborative relationship with top universities worldwide. Rosedale also remains committed to working closely with all partner schools to create life-changing outcomes for each student.

Please contact Rosedale’s Guidance Team with any questions:

Thank you,Rosedale Guidance Office Team and The Principal’s OfficeRosedale Global High School


The University of Sydney is currently administering the School Verification Program to other schools that offer the OSSD. As requested by the USYD admissions team, the Letter of Affirmation, which officially verifies that Rosedale has complied with all requirements, is confidential and cannot be shared with the general public.

However, USYD understands the necessity of communicating this news with Rosedale partner schools, students, and parents/caregivers, and as such has authorized us to share their confirmation email to Rosedale Global High School community. Due to privacy concerns, USYD has asked us to redact the name and email of USYD staff; please see below for the confirmation email.