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As high school seniors are focusing on the next steps in their academic careers and the necessity of the ACTs and SATs is still in question, Rosedale International Education is strengthening its clout on global university applications. Our transformative approach to learning, differentiated assessment and student-centred evaluation prepare our global high school graduates for success in, and beyond, their secondary education.  

Research out of the California State University (CSU) system, along with other high school predictors, have found high school curricula and GPAs are stronger indicators for college and university performance when compared to standardized testing. Now, more than 1,800 colleges have removed SAT or ACT scores, or made them optional, in the admissions process. The increasing shift away from standardized testing requirements shows this is not just a pandemic-related change. Instead, the post-secondary institutions moving sans SAT or ACT will consider high school GPAs, efforts and activities outside of the classroom, courses completed, and the quality of curricula students are including on their applications 

In partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Education, Rosedale provides students around the world with an enhanced curriculum designed to inspire critical thinking about real issues, and our real-world application promotes active participation in real-world solutions.  

Our Transformative Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) Curriculum is focused on differentiated education and student achievement in major areas such as transformative competency development, real-world application and innovation, and global citizenship education. Students are equipped with the skills to move beyond the basic requirements of education and develop into mature citizens in our global world. 

Rosedale’s 2022 graduating class finished their secondary education with 43 per cent of offers from Top 50 universities and 65 per cent from Top 100 universities. This year, our graduates are furthering their academic careers in institutions such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Imperial College London, Columbia University, University of Edinburgh, and National University of Singapore among many other leading universities. 

In response to research suggesting GPAs are better indicators for post-secondary performance than standardized testing, ACT Research released a report claiming grade inflation in American high schools. While the claim is contested, it raises concerns about effective evaluation and the validity of student grades.  

At Rosedale, we prioritize honest and fair evaluation of the student experience and are a member of the International Center for Academic Integrity. Regular tracking and reporting of student development add credibility to our assessments, and centralized grading by Ontario Certified Teachers ensures the validity of awarded grades. Although our vast network of international school partners spans the globe, our grading system promotes trust in its uniformity. Our students graduate with an accredited diploma issued by the Ontario Ministry of Education. 

Rosedale supports its students beyond their K-12 academic career, we partner with universities all over the world to secure the continued learning of our graduates, who have been granted $2.9 million in scholarships for the 2023 academic year. As standardized testing becomes more controversial, our graduates are applying to colleges and universities with confidence, knowing the Ontario Secondary School Diploma is recognized worldwide.