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Nang Kor Ngin | The psychology of a learner: Graduate teaches herself English as a teen and enrolls in Rosedale Global High School to further her educational and personal pursuits 

Nang Kor Ngin graduated from Rosedale Global High School with partner Royal Academic Institute, located in Myanmar. She will begin studying for a Bachelor of Psychology at York University in September—a dream of hers since she was 13 years old.  

“I would describe myself as an ambitious and passionate person,” Nang Kor Ngin says, reflecting on her academic and career goals.  

As a young teenager whose parents finally allowed her to use the internet to meet her inquisitive nature and allow her to continue learning English as a second language, Nang Kor Ngin was interested in reading as much as she could about psychology. She was motivated by what she saw as a lack of adequate services for a family member living with a mental illness. She wanted to learn about psychology practices in other parts of the world and see what she could do about the system, and how she could make an impact. Knowing that strong comprehension of global psychology practices is often acquired from international universities, Nang Kor Ngin read university-level psychology papers in English to teach herself the language she would need to realize her ambitions.  

Nang Kor Ngin took her research skills farther—and made the decision to transfer from her public school into Rosedale Global High School’s Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) program. With the support of her family, she moved in with her grandmother in Yangon, Myanmar, to earn the Ontario Secondary School Diploma that would qualify her build her dream at a global university. The move was not an easy one, but with help from her teachers and guidance counsellors, Nang Kor Ngin was able to adapt to the transformative curriculum and thrive in Rosedale’s differentiated education learning environment.  

“I found it quite challenging to adapt to this self-reliant environment, but I think it suits me better. I like to explore things on my own, and improve my self-confidence as I build on my skills through lessons and assignments,” says Nang Kor Ngin. “I was empowered by Rosedale’s OSSD program, inspired to take an active role in my learning and in my future.”  

As she learned more about Psychology programs in Myanmar universities, Nang Kor Ngin felt a gap in her local education opportunities and believed that studying outside her home country would be the way in which she could realize her full potential and pursue her dreams. She was inspired by the global perspectives she was developing through Rosedale’s transformative OSSD and wanted to continue to build her future as a global citizen with the competencies to tackle problems with significant economic and social consequence. 

“By comparing our situation to other countries’ more-developed psychological societies, I can see what change needs to happen. Learning about global practices and perspectives really opened my mind to what I can do for my home country,” says Nang Kor Ngin.  

Chasing global perspectives led Nang Kor Ngin to apply for Psychology programs in Canadian universities. With the help of her local guidance counsellor, she applied to Carleton University, Lakehead University, Ontario Tech University, and York University—receiving offers from all four, including entrance scholarships for Lakehead University and Ontario Tech University. The decision to study at York University was not an easy one, as Nang Kor Ngin was thrilled with all of her acceptances. However, the prestige and location of the university contributed to her decision, and she is interested in the exposure and opportunities within the York University community.  

To give back to her community while also improving her own skills, Nang Kor Ngin volunteers with a local English conversation club. For more than a year, she has been a mentor for students hoping to improve their communication skills. After earning her OSSD, Nang Kor Ngin noticed an improvement in her capacity as a mentor, both in her ability and confidence when mentoring students.  

“The OSSD program made me more knowledgeable, not just with English, but with competencies that transfer to the rest of my life. I would say education is more than just basic skills, it includes personal development and individual growth outside of the classroom. Rosedale has given me opportunities to be more open-minded, to connect my ideas and apply my skills to my real life,” says Nang Kor Ngin.   

Now that she has graduated from Rosedale Global High School, Nang Kor Ngin goes back to those same Psychology articles with which she taught herself to read in English at 13 years old. The obvious improvement in her understanding motivates her to continue developing and applying her skills.  

After reading back those articles, I would say that I feel as though I have grown up. My skills have improved, and I am satisfied with my abilities. I am more motivated than ever to maintain my pace and continue my studies with York University,” says Nang Kor Ngin. 

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