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As Rosedale Global High School continues its commitment to providing a transformative and student-centered approach to learning, the voices of our students remain at the core of our mission to reshape the future of global education and ensure life-changing learning outcomes for students around the globe. In our third annual student survey, we’ve learned more about the unique experiences and perspectives of our graduating class, and their feedback has played a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of our academic programs, experiential programming, and opportunities unique to the Rosedale Global High School partner school network. 

At Rosedale Global High School, in collaboration with our esteemed partner school network spanning 17 countries, we recognize the unique and boundless potential within each student. Our vision is to foster individualized learning pathways that empower students to build their academic and professional careers with unwavering confidence and clear sense of purpose. Embracing the student-centric philosophy of our Transformative Approach to Learning, we are dedicated to following our students’ learning trajectory from the moment they commence high school and begin their Rosedale OSSD program, to their triumphant graduation—and into the university application process. 

Grounded in the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) curriculum, Rosedale’s approach to education is globally acclaimed for its innovation and differentiation—by Global Affairs Canada, industry-leading international news outlet The PIE for our secondary education model and Global Student Success Forum, and Education Technology Insights magazine. The strategic partnerships we have forged with 95 leading secondary schools worldwide exemplifies our commitment to creating a transformative learning experience for students across the globe. 

To understand the impact of our efforts and ensure our programs meet the needs of our diverse student body, we turn to their lived experiences. Our 2022-2023 graduates were invited to participate in our annual comprehensive graduate survey to share their insights on various aspects of their Rosedale OSSD collaborative program. From learning opportunities and evaluation practices to academic performance enhancement and future preparedness, their feedback is instrumental in shaping the trajectory of our institution. 

At Rosedale Global High School, we take pride in elevating the voices of our students and, in turn, utilizing their vital feedback to continuously refine and enhance our transformative educational approach.  

By the numbers

90% of our graduates believe that the OSSD course significantly aided in better demonstrating their learning and achieving higher academic performance. 

92% of our graduates believe that their academic performance has remarkably improved in the OSSD program, compared to studying in previous academic programs. 

89% of our graduates felt exceptionally well-prepared for their university studies after experiencing the transformative journey of the OSSD program. 

82% of our graduates expressed having solid knowledge about their desired careers, which further helped them make informed choices in their university applications. 

88% of our graduates felt that their learning experiences and course studies were thoughtfully aligned with their individual interests, strengths, as well as their university and career aspirations. 

The numbers achieved by Rosedale Global High School fuel our excitement. With 90% of graduates showing improved academic performance and 89% feeling prepared for university, our Transformative Approach to Learning is making a profound impact. The support from our graduates validates our commitment to personalized learning. Additionally, our graduates express feeling alignment between their learning experiences and future goals reinforces our student-centric philosophy. Dedicated to empowering students with confidence and purpose, making Rosedale Global High School a beacon of transformative education. 

What our graduates are telling us

The graduate voice supports our data and speaks volumes about the impact of Rosedale Global High School’s Transformative Approach to Learning. Through our open-ended graduate survey, they have expressed their appreciation for the program’s effectiveness and the diverse activities that have contributed to their academic growth. From simulations to rich classroom activities to external learning opportunities, they have honed their communication skills and feel well-prepared for their academic journeys: 

The program is very effective. The various activities such as lab stimulations, quizzes, and other learning activities are very helpful to my academic development. I am now better at communication skills when it comes to making lab reports. Rosedale has really been a great support system for my academic life. I am proud to be a Rosedale graduate.” Learn more about our curriculum and variety of courses that promote personalized learning 

“I had a rich learning experience which differs greatly from my prior high school. Thanks to the change of learning and thinking method, I could adapt to international education and college life more easily.” Learn more about Rosedale’s Transformative Approach to Learning 

“The program provided invaluable learning experiences that broadened my horizons, fostered personal growth, and inspired me to reach new heights in teaching and learning endeavours. I wholeheartedly recommend it to others seeking transformative opportunities.” Learn more about our Individual Growth Plan, and how it supports our students.

“All the teachers were kind and supportive; both classroom teachers and grading teachers. OSSD programs help me get ready for my university pathway waiting ahead for me and thank you very much for all the experiences.” Learn more about why Rosedale is a great choice for schools and students.

Why we focus on data at Rosedale 

Led by Leslie Chan, Director of Academic Operations and Student Success at Rosedale, the data output of this annual comprehensive graduate survey will provide us insight into the student experience and will serve as a benchmark as we continue to collect data that will support the enhancement of curriculum, teaching resources and teacher development, student support services, university counselling, experiential programming, and overall program operations—all to support the success of our partner schools and students. 

Rosedale Global High School creates superior learner experiences and delivers life-changing learning outcomes to students—and we’re ready to support your growth and vision for education.